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Ali & Nino Walking Tour

There Is no better way to sense the glory and opulence that characterized Baku during the Oil Baron period (1890s to 1920) than by taking a walking tour of the city. These were the years when Baku produced more than 50 percent of the world’s supply of oil and the days when the city was exploding with an enormous building boom, as each wealthy magnate tried to outdo all others in the luxuriousness and ornateness of the architecture that they produced. Little did the owners realize that overnight, the spirit of entrepreneurism would vanish, and the owners who had lived such privileged lives would either have to flee or risk being killed. Their world turned upside down and all private property was confiscated by the central government. This tour also enables you to catch a glimpse of the complex and passionate spirit of the Caucasus as borne out in the magnificent love story between an aristocratic Azerbaijani khan and a Georgian princess-a Muslim and a Christian-who fall in love at the most perilous political times on the eve of the Bolshevik revolution.

Tour price includes: Guide services

Tour price does not includes: Transportation


Number of persons

Price per person

1 – 2

60 USD
3 – 6

50 USD

7 – 15

30 USD

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1. The Vahid Statue

2. Vahid Park

3. Philharmonic Hall

4. National Art Museum

5. President’s Office

6. Sadikhov Residence

7. Western University

8. City Hall

9. Schools 132 and 134

10. Wedding Palace

11. Economics University

12. Shirvanshahs Palace

13. Institute of Manuscripts

14. Academy of Sciences

15. Sabir Garden

16. Nizami Statue

17. Ali’s Residence

18. Double Gates

19. Constitutional Court

20. Literature Museum

21. Maiden’s Tower

22. Taghiyev’s Pasaj

23. Fillifpojanz Coffee Shop

24. Azerbaijan International Magazine

25. Taghiyev’s Residence

26. Nino’s Residence

27. French Embassy

28. Asadullayev Residence

29. Ashurbeyli Residence

30. Opera House