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Baku Mosques Tour

Azerbaijan is home to an interesting mixture of European and Islamic Asian cultures. Its long history of rule by various invading empires leaves it with several important and often conflicting cultural legacies. There are a variety of religions practiced through the inhabitants of Baku, owing mainly to the range of different cultures which have influenced the city through the years. Christianity and Zoroastrianism both have a healthy number of followers, but in a total stake of 93.4% of people of Azerbaijan, Islam is by far probably the most influential faith. Since it has been under the influence of Islam for thus long, Baku is home to a lot of beautiful mosques, such as Bibi- Eybat Mosque, Taza-Pir Mosque, The Mosque «Agha Mir Movsum», The Mosque «Rahima Khanum Shrine» and more.

Program of the tour:

The Mosque of Bibi-Heybat The Mosque «Rahima Khanum Shrine»
Taza Pir Mosque Heydar Aliyev Mosque
The Mosque «Agha Mir Movsum» Juma Mosque
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Tour price includes: Guide services, Transportation & Enrance Tickets


Number of persons Price per person
1 – 2 80 USD
3 – 6 55 USD
7 – 15 30 USD

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