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Baku is the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is a large scientific, cultural and industrial center. Ancient foundations, a large area and population all make Baku one of the oldest and largest cities in the East. People have lived and founded their settlements in Baku city and the Absheron peninsula since ancient times. This was motivated by continuous migrations from north to south and from west to east due to the physical and geographical conditions, a favorable location in the center of trade routes that crossed Silk Road, climatic conditions, production of petroleum fuel in ancient times and the availability of large power resources. The city center is in style of amphitheatre, has an access to the sea from both sides. The city was built in right-angled direction. Streets are narrow and crooked in Icheri Sheher (Old City). Buildings in the center, main lines are close, in the suburban far-between. Suburban areas are oil extraction centers. Baku being the giant oil and gas industry center, you can find the railway, machinery, construction materials (cement production, lime production, stone quarries) enterprises, mineral waters (Shikh, Surakhani). A large number of mud volcanoes around the city (Keyraki, Lokbatan) and salt lakes (Boyukshor, Xocahasan). There are beaches and the Absheron resort around the city.

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