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Gakh – Day Tour

Gakh is a district in the north-west of Azerbaijan, on the border with Georgia. The climate in the south of the district is dry subtropical and temperate in mountains. There are plenty of mountain rivers and waterfalls in this district. This region is rich in its nature. In the national park Ilisu located here you can meet bears, mountain-goats, wolves, wild cats, boars, jackals and others. The district is especially attractive for hunters and fishers. Main hunts are flatlands in Ganig-Eyrichay valley and piedmont forests. Ponds located at the territory of the Lelely village, Eyrichay, Galichay and Ganig rivers fit for fishing. Every district in Azerbaijan has its own salt and in Gakh it is certainly Ilisu – small mountain village located at 1400-1600 m above sea level, 12km from the Gakh town. Thermal mineral sulfur springs located around this village have curative properties. Thousands of people from around the world come here for therapy and enjoy breathtaking nature – fairy-tale forests, waterfalls and rivers.

Tour price includes: Guide services and Transportation


Number of persons Price per person
1 – 2 145 USD
3 – 6 125 USD
7 – 15 75 USD

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