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Galaalti – Day Tour

The small town of Devechi (now it is renamed into the city of Shabran) leads the life in 122 kilometers from Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan. “Devechi” in translation from Azerbaijani means “the person who leads the camel”. But today you won’t meet here camels though in due time this city was one of the main stops of big caravans. It is located in northeast part of Big Caucasian ridge. Mostly it is the semidesert territory with the arid climate passing on slopes of mountains in moderate. In the territory of the region are located two historical and archaeological reserves. When the speech comes about Devechi, one involuntarily remember Chyraggala’s fortress. The word meaning of “Galaalti” in translation from Azerbaijani means “Under fortress”. It got the name because settles down directly under the fortress of “Chirag Gala”.Chirag Gala (“Lamp Castle”), a castle from 4th-5th century is located 100 km to the north of Baku on top of a mountain. Chirag Gala was built over a seam of oil and gas which allowed for lighting up signal fires visible to the distance of several dozens of kilometers. Similar castles and towers were located all over the area from Derbent to Baku providing for a warning system against enemy invasions. Today, under the castle, the “Galaalty” urology treatment center is located whose thermal water has a curative effect on diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract and digestive organs.

Tour price includes: Guide services and Transportation


Number of persons Price per person
1 – 2 85 USD
3 – 6 75 USD
7 – 15 50 USD

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