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Gandja – Day Tour

Gandja is the second largest city in the country, a monument of the ancient culture, the industrial center of western Azerbaijan. City with a history that goes back to 494 BC (in 2013 Gandja celebrates 2507 anniversary) is of great interest for tourists. This area has a rich natural, cultural and historical heritage.  There are a lot of forests, vineyards, lakes, rivers and mountains. Goygol district located in the western part of Azerbaijan is one of the most picturesque regions of the country. The State Goygol reserve is located on the banks of the famous Goygol lake. The climate in this area is mostly cold and winters as a rule are always dry. An average annual temperature ranges between 4 – 10 degrees. The center of the district formerly was called Elenendorf. It was founded by German colonists in August 22, 1819 at the place of an ancient village Hanlyglar that later formed a base of Hanlar city. Now Goygol district illustrates the friendship between Azerbaijan and German nations. A lot of work was done here to preserve the German heritage

Tour price includes: Guide services and Transportation


Number of persons Price per person
1 – 2 145 USD
3 – 6 125 USD
7 – 15 75 USD

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