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Lahic – Day Tour

Lahic is a small village in the Ismailly Rayon, buried deep in the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. The dirt road to Lahic winds up the Girdimanchai river gorge from the vineyards outside Shemakha, crossing the torrent on a flimsy bridge and skirting the sheer walls on narrow, roughly hewn ledges. Ice and snow cut Lahic off from the valley for weeks at a time in winter. The drive up to Lahic is as stunning as dangerous, animals appear out of nowhere in winding ‘roads’ that hug the cliff face that plunges down into the valley below. Isolation made Lahic a very atypical Azeri village: Tat, a Indo-European dialect of an old Persian tongue remains to this day the primary language in Lahic and a few surrounding villages. For centuries, the valley people have spoken, at various times, Azeri, Russian, Farsi and Arabic, but here in this mountain village of about 2000 people Tat resisted all invaders and remains as strong as ever.

Tour price includes: Guide services, Transportation & Entrance Tickets


Number of persons Price per person
1 – 2 110 USD
3 – 6 95 USD
7 – 15 60 USD

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