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South Beauty.


High in the Talysh Mountains, where you can touch the sky by hand is one of the most picturesque corners of Azerbaijan – Lerik district. A Caucasian Talysh ethnic group lives here. Lerik ideally fits those tourists who want to be away from civilization, to have a breath of fresh mountain air and enjoy the view of the majestic mountains, rapid rivers and noisy waterfalls.  Lerik is reasonably reputed as a homeland of long-livers.  Probably the only museum of long-livers in the world  where documents related to life of several dozens of long-livers from this area who have lived more than a century is located here. Popular natural recreational zones in Lerik are Byulyudyul (20 km from the centre of the district) and Zyarigala (17 km). There are springs with delicious water there.. In the woods and along the banks of Lerik river are all conditions for hunting wild boar, hare, fox, grouses and ducks. Leopards live in hard of access parts of mountain forests. Currently a research program for conservation of this rare animal is in progress. In addition to the unique nature, this region has always been famous for its original culture and ancient history. A cave station where Stone Age people lived (called “Giz Yurdu”) has been found near mountain village Mistan at an altitude of 2430 m. An ancient inscriptions on rocks near which there were traces of ancient buildings have been discovered in Orand highland. There are numerous historical monuments in this district.