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Mardakan Tour

Mardakan is an urban village, located in 34 kilometers from Baku, and has ancient and rich history. The first stop of the tourists will be in the sanctuary – the tomb of Pir Hasan, shrine for many believers. Pir Hasan is a mausoleum, which was created in the XVI century. Famous Azerbaijani philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev and his daughter Sarah Khanum are buried here. Another distanation is a famous Mardakan fortress, a quadrangular castle (Mardakan) located in the village. The facility was built by Ahsitan I, the son of Shirvanshah Manouchehr III, and dates to the XIV century. The fortress was built in honor of the brilliant victory of Akhsitan over the enemy. The fortress is 22 m high and the thickness of the walls is up to 2.1 m, inside the fortress is divided into five layers.  In the last part of the excursion the tourists will also see another sight – the former summer residence of the oil millionaire of the end of XIX – the beginning of XX centuries – Murtuza Mukhtarov. The residence is equipped with its unique system of interconnected wells and pools, outstanding architectural structures, exotic plants and animals. In olden times the residence was a true paradise place among Absheron waterless saline steppes.

Route: Drive to Mardakan village/ excursion to Pir Hasan/ excursion to Mardakan fortress/ excursion to Mardakan Arboretum / return to the hotel

Tour price includes: Guide services, Transportation and Entrance Tickets


Number of persons

Price per person

1 – 2

80 USD
3 – 6

55 USD

7 – 15

30 USD

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