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North Gates

Quba – one of the largest cities in Azerbaijan. The city is located 170 km to the north of Baku right on the picturesque hillsides. In the past it was the capital of Quba khanate which was founded in the mid-18th century. The unsurpassed beauty of the local mountains was praised by such famous people as Alexander Duma-father, the Russian writer Bestuzhev-Marlinsky, the Norwegian traveler Tor Heerdal and others. Baku Adventures offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy Quba in two days.

Tour price includes Guide service, Transportation & Accommodation



Number of persons

Price per Person 4* Hotel Price per Tour 5* Hotel
1 – 2 250 USD 300 USD
3 – 4 140 USD 180 USD
6 – 10 90 USD 120 USD

Places to visit:

Chirag-Kala Mausoleums of Agbil
Dzhuma Mosque Red Village
Gilgilchay Fortress Sakina-Khanum Mosque
Khinalug Sheikh Juneid Mausoleum
 Sheikh Yusif Mausoleum  Galaalti


Day 1 Baku – Khinalug – Quba
09:00  Leaving Baku

Arriving to the city of Quba. Visit to sightseeing places in Quba, Red Village (Biggest Jewish settlement in Causasus),  Gilgilchay Fortress.


Small break for lunch in Quba

14:30 Khinalug is one of most ancient settlements in the country

Arrival to Hotel. Overnight in Quba.

Day 2  
09:00 Breakfast in the Hotel.
10:00 Trip around Quba. Visit to sightseeing places in Quba, Dzhuma & Sakina-Khanum Mosques and several Mausoleums in the Quba region.
13:00 Break for lunch & check out from the hotel
14:00 Trip back to Baku through the amazing zone of Galaalti, where you will be able to visit Chirag-Kala ruins and have a late lunch in Galaalti resort & spa Hotel.
19:00 Arrival to Baku