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Walking Tour Old City

Old town or locally called “Icharishahar”, being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is a unique historical part of Azerbaijan and is located in the centre of Baku. Tour starts at Icharishahar metro station, just by the old city walls of Baku. From there on your way to the Palace of Shirvanshahs, you will get informed about the history of mosques, caravansaries, old trading squares and baths houses. Enter the Shirvanshahs’ Palace, the central part of ancient Shiranshahs kingdom and dive into the spirit of Islamic civilization while passing through the courtyard and king’s private rooms. Get to know the history of the palace and visit the mausoleums that witnessed many troubles for the past two centuries. See the ancient and controversial pagan temple and be a witness of ancient pagan monuments discovered in different parts of Azerbaijan. Visit the most remarkable and mysterious monument – the Maiden Tower, built in the south-east part of Icharishahar. Hear about its history and legends standing behind it. Enjoy the memorable experience with your tour guide and head back to the central Icharishahar metro station.

The tour price includes: Guide services

The tour price not includes: Transportation


Number of persons

Price per person

1 – 2 

60 USD

3 – 6

50 USD

7 – 15

30 USD

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