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Walking Tours


Would you like to experience the Heart of Baku from the inside-out? If so, The Baku Adventures Walking Tours are for you. Various tours, with unique perspectives, through the insiders eyes. Join our guides and you will discover a true Baku. Don’t expect the lectures that you may have come across elsewhere. Enjoy a personable atmosphere and exchange of information with our guides.
From the medieval “Icheri Sheher” to the unique “Oil Boom Baku”, each walking tour around Baku is interesting in itself, but picked up together, they will create a complete picture of the historical center, to understand what living city that changes in it over time, and that persists for centuries. Long spring and summer evenings and weekends when the center of Baku is down – the best time for walking. The duration of the walking tour is 2.5 hours.


Baku Oil Boom

Baku Boulevard Walking Tour
Ali & Nino Walking Tour

Walking Tour Old City